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There was a legend, an angel revealed plague could be cured by angelica
just like archangel Raphael protected human being from all kind of disease and threaten from evil and sorcery.
Human being were fascinated by the oil extraction from angelica.
Angelica oil gave people unprecedented power and faith and generated the precious beauty and confidence.
“Lapeal” pronounces the same as archangel “Raphael”, the idea is that by using the pure organic botanical oil to comfort skin and give the skin the deepest nourishment.
Aromatic milk / cream series
  • Whitening emusion Ra-10 Neroli sensitive lotion 120ml

    Developed this lotion specifically for sensitive skin, combing moisture lotion base with matricaria extract and a clean fragrance of essential oils. Delicate lotion contains moisturizing and repairing ingredients.

    Take appropriate amount on face and neck.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-11 EGF plantoil 120ml

    E Oil is a complex of almost refined plant oils, which are rich in fatty acid, vitamins and other nutrition factors. It is high affinity, nourishes dry or aged skin and protects it from dehydrated. Quickly brightens skin as natural sebum and looks youthful.

    Take appropriate amount on face and neck.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-12 Silk protein lotion 120ml

    Delicate lotion consists of White Cogongrass Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Jojoba Oil, its’purifying and toning properties enhance epidermal barrier function and rebalance sebaceous function. Skin feels smoother and clean, perfect for normal to oily skin.

    Take appropriate amount on face and neck.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-16 Acne & Moisture cream 30g

    Patent acne ingredients AC-net adjusts sebum secretion and cure the acne. Combinations of Symcalmin and DNA would soften sensitive skin and boosts skin moisturizing and balance.

    After cleaning, apply appropriate amount on acne area andmassage gently for day and night.

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