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There was a legend, an angel revealed plague could be cured by angelica
just like archangel Raphael protected human being from all kind of disease and threaten from evil and sorcery.
Human being were fascinated by the oil extraction from angelica.
Angelica oil gave people unprecedented power and faith and generated the precious beauty and confidence.
“Lapeal” pronounces the same as archangel “Raphael”, the idea is that by using the pure organic botanical oil to comfort skin and give the skin the deepest nourishment.
Cleaning Lotion series
  • Whitening emusion Ra-0 Moisture clear cream 150g

    Cleansing and Exfoliating functional products can thoroughly clean the skin.Suitable for all skin types, completely removable makeup and dirt, softening keratin, meticulous skin.

    To get the right amount of makeup in a clean palm, add water to the skin and gently massage the face and neck, then rinse and wipe.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-1 Multicleansing cream 150g

    An exceptionally mild and neutral formula, ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It gently foams away dirt, oil and makeup without disturbing your skin's natural pH balance.

    Take generous amount onto clean palm, add water and lightly work into leather. Massage over face and neck, rinse off and pet dry.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-8 Collagen Moisturizing serum 120ml

    Suggest to use with essence, it can boost skin vitality, reduce skin age and strengthen the recovery ability of skin.  It is the base of the skin in helping absorb the skincare nourishment.

    Directly apply after face washing or add into other skincare products.

  • Whitening emusion Ra-9 Aloe Moisturizing serum 120ml

    Efficient deep moisturizing formula, Keep skin moisture all day. Smooth, release the redness caused by dry skin. Make skin soft and elasticity. Apply before make up could keep it perfect whole day.


    Directly apply after face washing or add into other skincare products.

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