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There was a legend, an angel revealed plague could be cured by angelica
just like archangel Raphael protected human being from all kind of disease and threaten from evil and sorcery.
Human being were fascinated by the oil extraction from angelica.
Angelica oil gave people unprecedented power and faith and generated the precious beauty and confidence.
“Lapeal” pronounces the same as archangel “Raphael”, the idea is that by using the pure organic botanical oil to comfort skin and give the skin the deepest nourishment.
GC special cream series
  • Whitening emusion GC-01 Collagen revitalizing cream 30g

    Ingredients added such as collagenand hyaluromic acidare efficient in moisturizing skin, reduce fine lines and forming skin effectively.

    Take appropriate amount on face and neck.

  • Whitening emusion GC-02 Q10revitalizing eye cream 30g

    Antioxidant element, Q10, is beneficial for reducing wrinkles around eyes and slow down the aging problem. It provides satisfied result in solving the problems on the skin around eyes and could keep skin in good condition and elasticity.

    After cleaning face, apply appropriateamount and dab around eyes gently.

  • Whitening emusion GC-03 3D Moisturizing sun blaok makeup cream 30g

    Unique 3D technical formula could repair skin back into smooth and have skin be tighten and shining.

    Apply appropriateamount on clean face and neck.

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